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My Chemical Romance predicted 2019’s Chilean unrest in a 2011 tweet and we’re freaking out

By | Published on Wednesday 6 November 2019

My Chemical Romance

Holy shit, dude, My Chemical Romance can predict the future. They predicted the current rioting in Chile in a tweet way back in 2011. What else do they know? And is this why they chose now to reform? The answers are “too much” and “almost certainly”.

So, anyway, My Chemical Romance recently announced their long-awaited reunion. So clearly someone searched their Twitter timeline to see if they’d ever hinted that they might get back together this year. Because that’s the sort of thing people do. But what that person or persons found was a tweet from 14 Jan 2011 saying, “Hola Chile! Te amamos! Stay safe in 2019”.

Skip forward eight years and there’s now political unrest and rioting in Chile. What the fuck?! MCR are a bunch of modern day Nostradamuses. Of course, while the political situation in Chile is currently particularly bad, the band could also have picked 2016, 2017 or 2018 and still had their tweet be correct. Except none of those years where the year where the story of their last album, ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’, was set.

Why did they specifically mention Chile though? Well, My Chemical Romance have a fairly big fanbase in the country. So that’s probably it. There were also protests going on in the country when they posted that tweet. So that might be it too.

Although the band did also post new year messages to other countries around the time of the Chile tweet, including telling the Philippines to keep “2011 drac free”. And you know what? The Philippines were entirely drac free for the whole rest of the year. Dracs being another thing related to the ‘Danger Days’ album and also entirely fictional (as was 2019 back then).

Now, how about this reunion? The band have already announced a show in LA on 20 Dec, and said of the response to that announcement: “It is truly unbelievable to us the happiness we have experienced over the past two days. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the warm welcome back. We truly did not expect this”. So clearly they’re not that clairvoyant.

But will there be more shows? I predict that there will. Mainly because they’ve just announced some.

They’ll headline Australia and Japan’s Download festivals, and a standalone show in New Zealand, in March. The band will also play the UK’s Download festival. Maybe. They haven’t announced that one yet. But imagine if I’m right! Anyway, chin up in 2024, Peru.