My Chemical Romance shelved “boring” album

By | Published on Thursday 11 November 2010

My Chemical Romance have revealed that they came very close to releasing a follow-up to their ‘Black Parade’ album in 2008, but shelved the whole project at the last minute on the grounds that it was “boring”.

Bassist Mikey Way explained to BBC Newsbeat: “We’d done interviews and photo-shoots, the singles were picked, we were booking shows – we were ready to go…”

“But”, frontman Gerard Way added, “something didn’t feel right. It was a record that went against everything about the band that was great. Which was like having ambition, being ambitious, being visual, being artists, being excited, being free, reckless and rock n roll. That stuff was gone and what was in its place was really boring”.

As for why this had happened, Gerard said: “We were just a pretty damaged band. It wasn’t damage between us – it was just we had toured too long, we’d over-worked, we’d over-shot in a lot of ways. Over exposed. We didn’t have a semblance of real life at all. At that point Frank [Lero, guitarist] was the only one with a home and he never saw it. None of us had homes. None of us could drive a car anymore. None of us could do anything for ourselves. It had just ground down to dust by a billion and one things”.

Having scrapped “probably 28 songs”, the band re-evaluated the way they worked, said Gerard: “Before, no one wanted to be a complainer so we’d always work so hard. Now, it’s like we’ve all told each other if something is too much just raise a flag. While we were making ‘Danger Days’ there was a couple of moments where I said, ‘I have to go home today'”.

My Chemical Romance’s fourth album, ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’ is due for release on 22 Nov.