MySpace to relaunch as music service

By | Published on Thursday 25 August 2011


So, MySpace is going to reinvent itself as a music-centric service. Hmm, where have I heard that one before? Though this time that means anything not musical will likely be dumped from MySpace website.

We were expecting a press conference last week from the flagging social networking site’s new owners, Specific Media, possibly with their newly appointed Creative Director Justin Timberlake on hand to offer some words of wisdom. That press event didn’t happen, but the company’s also newly appointed Senior VP Of Global Marketing, Al Dejewski, has told Ad Age that the new look MySpace will be 100% focused on music, suggesting everything the web firm has tried that wasn’t music-related in the past was a big fat mistake.

Says Dejewski: “[In its eight year history] MySpace has been like young male adult who found a way to express himself through music but decided to bulk up on things like classified ads and horoscopes along the way. This young adult male needs to be put on a diet, we need to get it on P90X, clean its system and get back to its foundation. And we’ve found that foundation is music. No other music destination online today can claim the breadth of partnership we have with the four major music labels in addition to the tens of millions of independent artists and the libraries of their songs”.

So that’s something to look forward to, isn’t it? A leaner, more musical MySpace. I give it to 2013.