Myspace working on new video collaborations venture

By | Published on Thursday 29 August 2013


The all new Myspace (remember that, anyone?) has announced plans to collaborate with artists to create new videos to accompany their tracks. The social network will seemingly cover the costs of the videos, but the artist will own them. The resulting content will be distributed via both Myspace and YouTube.

The new venture, apparently known as ‘Music Video Collaborations With Artists We Like’, will kick off with an alliance with Federal Prism, the label of TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek. Myspace will work on six videos with the label, starting off with one for the new single from Sitek’s own band, ‘Million Miles’.

Although the venture will give Myspace some exclusive content in the short term, it seems the digital firm hopes the initiative will also help win it a reputation as a champion for and supporter of new and interesting artistic talent. VP Content & Creative Joseph Patel told Billboard: “For me, from a content perspective, I could spend money and do an interview with the band, or I could spend that money and work with the band and shoot a creative music video that lasts forever and that we get content out of. Everybody wins”.