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N-Dubz drop slang from US album

By | Published on Wednesday 8 September 2010

In an effort to make themselves more appealing to US listeners when they officially launch themselves in the country with their upcoming third album, N-Dubz have announced that they are dropping all UK slang from their lyrics. Dappy will continue to shout “Na, na, niii” at every opportunity, though, because that doesn’t mean anything to anyone, anywhere.

The Dapster told The Sun: “We aren’t using any of those [British slang] words as they don’t understand them. We’ll keep ‘na, na, niii’, obviously, but not the rest. We’ll never use American accents. I hate it when singers go there and do that. You lose respect from British fans”.

N-Dubz’s third album, a mixture of tracks from their first two albums and new material (it’s not clear if they’re re-recording the vocals on the older tracks with new slang-less vocals), will be released next year through Def Jam.