N-Dubz drummer found guilty of sexual assault

By | Published on Monday 23 August 2010

N-Dubz’s tour drummer Aaron Fagan has been found guilty of sexually assaulting two students at Strathclyde University in Glasgow last October. As previously reported, Fagan was in Glasgow with his bandmates for the MOBO Awards, and the group seemingly held their after show party at the university’s students’ union.

At an earlier hearing in July one of the victims told Glasgow Sheriff Court: “He asked if I wanted to go to an N-Dubz after party. He then put his arms over our shoulders and started leading us up the stairway. As we were climbing the stairs he took his hand away from my neck and put it on my bottom and started grabbing at it. We carried on climbing the stairs and he hit my friend on the bum, too. He then moved round behind me and with both arms reaching round from behind, started to grab my breasts”.

Giving evidence at the trial himself, Fagan admitted that he is like “honey to a swarm of bees” when it comes to the band’s female fans, but added that he would not have done something like this in Glasgow, which he said was “hardly a haven for models”. Hmm, not always wise to diss the entire female population of Glasgow while facing charges in a Glasgow court room. He went on to claim his accusers had invented their account of events after one of the band’s reps had called them “mingers” and refused them entry to the party.

However, handing down the guilty verdict Sheriff Joanna Johnston told Fagan: “I do not accept your account of events and I consider that you said what you did to try to avoid responsibility for your actions”.

Leaving the dock, Fagan shouted: “This wasn’t justice today!” Later, outside the court, he told reporters: “I’m a black man and I have been tried by a white jury. It’s pretty clear what happened in that court and it’s the opposite of justice. I’ve been convicted with no evidence, no CCTV or anything … Tell me how many people could have been convicted for squeezing a girl’s arse, nearly every guy could be up for that”.

Fagan, who was not tried by jury, white or otherwise, will now be placed on the sex offenders register.