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N-Dubz R-bak

By | Published on Friday 11 July 2014




The hip hop rappin N-Dubz are back on the boil (“like the Black Eyed Peas”, apparently), and intend to begin writing a new LP next year.

The trio’s solo spin-offs since their split in 2011 have gone… erm, well, there’s no nice way to say this, mostly pretty terribly. In short, Fazer ran into bankruptcy, Tulisa is N-quite-serious-Trubz and facing both drugs and assault charges, and Dappy got kicked in the face by a horse. And was found guilty of that nightclub punch-up. And the petrol station ‘incident’. Oh dear, oh dear, and thrice oh dear.

Anyway, soz for the negative re-cap, let’s move on.

Revealing news of the big reconciliation via the Daily Mail this week, Fazer explained: “We’ve been so busy with our own commitments that we haven’t had time to come back yet. But we’re going to start recording in the second half of next year”.

“We’ll definitely be writing new material”, he added. “We won’t just be using old stuff. We want to come back like Black Eyed Peas”.