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N-Dubz upping the pace again

By | Published on Thursday 30 September 2010

N-Dubz are attempting to up the intensity of their sound on material for their next album, the group’s Fazer has told the Daily Star. Partly this has been achieved by adding more of a dance influence, he said.

The rapper told the tabloid: “Every record we do is better than the one before. We try to up the levels. Someone said to me the other day: ‘You’ve gone from ground zero to ground ten million’. It’s a very dancey album but it still has an N-Dubz element to it as we have gone back to the roots a bit with this one. A lot of artists make the mistake of making one album then they think they can go away for two years. Not us man, we wanna do an album a year”.

He added that he’s come up with a way to cheer himself up if the intense workload ever starts to get him down: “I’ve got a ‘warming room’ in my house so if I feel depressed I go in and the plaques from going gold and platinum are there. That helps me reflect and realise that everything is all right”.

Where exactly is ground ten million, by the way?