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Nando’s opens recording studio in Soho restaurant

By | Published on Wednesday 17 January 2018

Nando's Studio

Hey, you remember that time PJ Harvey recorded an album in a glass box at Somerset House? Well now your band can have a similar experience. Except in a Nando’s.

In its newly renovated Soho branch, Nando’s has built a recording studio, which will be visible to diners as they tuck into some crappy chicken, covering it and themselves with the hottest sauce they can find in order to burn away the nagging doubt that they’ve made a terrible mistake. Watching some musicians at work will probably help with that as well, while – from inside the studio – this whole venture might inspire some interesting music. You know, it might.

The project is an expansion of the Nando’s Music Exchange mentoring project, which is apparently a thing. The studio will be available to use for free for any artists willing to put themselves through the ordeal.

“We’re really excited to open our first music space, both for our growing network of artists but also for our fans looking for a unique experience in restaurant”, says a Nando’s spokesperson. “Some of the best ideas have started over Peri-Peri (or so we’re told), so we’re looking forward to hearing what happens when we bring together chicken and tunes!”

If you fancy your work being reduced to the level of an easier to maintain tropical fishtank, you can apply here.