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Nas promoter kidnapped over advance for cancelled show

By | Published on Monday 9 January 2012


This hasn’t technically been happening in the pop courts, but we don’t have a section for music-related disputes that centre on kidnappings and ransoms.

A promoter behind a cancelled Nas concert due to take place in Angola on New Year’s Eve was kidnapped last week by one of the men who financially backed the event. According to TMZ, “concert impresario” Henrique ‘Riquhino’ Miguel, angry about the cancellation, kidnapped Patrick Allocco of AllGood Entertainment and his son, and demanded the return of the $300,000 advance paid to Nas and his support act Jemiah Jai and an additional $50,000 to cover his expenses.

For his part Nas was happy to pay back the $300,000, but didn’t want to have pay the $50,000. He also wanted confirmation from Miguel that if the advance was returned he would not be subsequently held liable for any other losses relating to the cancelled show.

A statement issued in Allocco’s name last week read: “The hope is that Nas and Jemiah Jai will return all of the monies that were wired to them immediately so that our ransom may be paid and our safe return to the United States may be facilitated”.

It’s thought that, after the involvement of the US Embassy in Angola, Allocco and his son were handed over by the actual kidnappers and are now staying in a hotel, but Miguel is likely to block their leaving the country until the matter has been resolved. Scary stuff.