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Neil Young’s Pono passes Kickstarter target on day one

By | Published on Wednesday 12 March 2014


Well, here’s a thing I’m not sure anyone saw coming. People are paying money to own Neil Young’s silly Pono thing.

In fact, the Kickstarter campaign to launch the new digital music device passed its $800,000 target within hours of going online, and comfortably sailed passed the $1 million mark too. Those supporting the campaign can opt to buy a variety of Neil Young related nonsense, and pre-order the Pono player itself at a $100 discount on what the device will cost once it goes properly on sale.

The Pono player, which will cost $400, but is available to Kickstarter campaign participants for $300, mimics the iPod circa 2001, in that it will do nothing but play audio files. They’re FLAC files though, not MP3s, which a series of artists in an introductory video are all keen to tell you are way better.

And they are. Though your iPhone can also play these files, and has the added bonus of both being designed to fit in your pocket and to connect to the internet so that you can spend money on silly things that you don’t need.

Check out all the info, and lay down the cash for a Pono listening party with Neil Young himself, here, and watch the cult induction video here: