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Neil Young’s Pono raises over $6 million on Kickstarter

By | Published on Wednesday 16 April 2014


So, the crowdfunding campaign for Neil Young’s Pono player has finished, raising $6,225,354 from 18,220 backers, the third highest amount ever raised on the site, thus proving that some people really will throw their money at any old shit.

As the campaign entered its final 48 hours earlier this week, the Pono team told backers: “Pono means righteous. It is a Hawaiian word, the one, the pureness. On behalf of Pono, we thank you for helping us give music a voice. You have helped to set the stage for a revolution in music listening. Finally, quality enters the listening space so that we can all hear and feel what the artists created, the way they heard and felt it”.

The distinctly un-portable, mostly pointless and very expensive piece of tech will allow its owners to play flac files (including expensive ones bought from the Pono Music store) and pretend that they can hear a significant difference in audio quality. Despite the fact that they’ve failed to adopt the readily available software and hardware technology previously, they’ll all be insufferable, but at least the fact that they won’t be able to put the thing in their pockets will mean you can easily slap it out of their hands, stamp on it and run away.

If you are one of the people who spent money on these things, I think you’re an idiot.