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Nelly settles litigation over allegations of sexual assault in the UK

By | Published on Thursday 24 October 2019


A lawsuit relating to sexual assault allegations made by a British woman against Nelly has been dropped after a settlement was reached.

Claims that Nelly had sexually assaulted a British woman originally emerged after the star was arrested for rape in the US in late 2017. The criminal investigation into that latter incident was dropped after his accuser, Monique Greene, refused to testify, her attorney saying that she felt “the system was going to fail her”.

Nelly then sued Greene for defamation, prompting a countersuit in which she included allegations by two other women regarding the musician’s conduct at shows in the UK. Greene said that the other women’s allegations proved Nelly had “a distinctive modus operandi, to use his status as a celebrity musical performer to sexually assault selected women who attend his concerts”.

Greene subsequently settled with the star, but separate legal action was filed relating to one of the British incidents, in which Nelly was accused of forcing himself onto an unnamed women backstage at a show in Essex.

According to Greene’s lawsuit, that woman managed to break away and get out of the star’s dressing room, but added that she was certain he would have continued to assault her had she not been able to do so. The woman also alleged that Nelly subsequently approached her and threatened “I will find you”.

According to TMZ, that separate legal action has now been settled. Legal papers filed with the court on Tuesday reportedly confirm that a settlement has been reached, terms of which are confidential. But that settlement also means that Nelly’s girlfriend Shantel Jackson is no longer facing defamation claims for dismissing his accuser as a “liar”.