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New award and concert to celebrate artists who promote human rights

By | Published on Friday 8 December 2017

A new music award will be launched next year to recognise an artist who has promoted human rights through their music, and it will be presented at a special concert staged in London next autumn which is being promoted by Kilimanjaro Live. That concert, which will also seek to promote and raise money for a human rights charity supported by the award’s winner, will be broadcast around the world.

The award and concert are being founded by an organisation called The High Note Project, led by David Clark, who has worked on a plethora of charitable initiatives over the years, many of them involving music or musicians. The award will be called the High Note Prize and the show the High Note Honors Concert.

The project is being endorsed by the UN High Commissioner For Human Rights, whose Director Of External Affairs, Laurent Sauveur, said yesterday: “Music is a force to be reckoned with and musicians have the power to mobilise. We are proud to help launch The High Note Project and High Note Music Prize in an effort to galvanise global awareness of the importance of human rights, and at the same time honour artists who passionately use their work to promote and protect the rights of others”.

On the concert element, Kilimanjaro Live boss Stuart Galbraith said: “We’re both pleased and proud to have been selected as the promoter of The High Note Honors Concert, which will be a significant global event for music and the artists of our time that are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others”.

While the aforementioned Clark added: “Since music is an international language that has the power to inspire, heal and inform, The High Note Project was created as a platform to honour and recognise iconic artists who utilise music to promote social justice, as well as to unite human rights organisations with the global music community”.