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New Blur album to stop gigs “getting tedious”

By | Published on Wednesday 25 February 2015


“So why the new Blur album?” you’ve all been pondering and wondering and musing and speculating and gossiping and shouting and scrawling on the pavement in blood. Don’t go denying it, we know you have.

Well, see, Blur have got some gigs coming up and it was just getting boring for one and all having the band play the same old hits. It’s like Graham Coxon told the South China Morning Post: “We just couldn’t have done any more shows without some new material. It was getting tedious, and some of the fans were getting peeved about it”.

It’s true you know. When aging bands find their fans getting peeved about hearing the same old songs over and over and over and over, make some new ones. That way they’ll appreciate the old ones all the more