New breakfast show host for Amazing

By | Published on Friday 3 August 2012

Amazing Radio

Online alternative music station Amazing Radio has announced the appointment of a new host for its breakfast show in the form of Ruth Barnes, who currently presents the weekend show ‘The Other Woman’ for the station. She will take over the 7-10am slot next week.

Confirming the appointment, Amazing Radio’s Programme Director Matt Jamison told CMU: “Ruth is the perfect fit for breakfast on Amazing Radio. She’ll satisfy people’s hunger for new music whilst providing a sunny start to the day. She’ll also bring that specialist music knowledge to people’s breakfast time without all the po-faced beard scratching that’s often ascribed to music aficionados. I’m confident that Ruth will provide the best new music breakfast of any breakfast show anywhere in the world”.

Barnes herself added: “Taking on the Amazing Breakfast Show is a fantastic opportunity to get my teeth into daytime, mainstream radio. Well, as mainstream as we get on Amazing. Our Breakfast Show would be a specialist new music show on any other network. That’s what makes us unique, our fantastic new music playlist, live sessions and a sweep of what people are sharing on the web. It’s going to be a seriously relaxed and informative way to start your day”.