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New CMU webinars to put the spotlight on music business trends and the digital dollar debates

By | Published on Monday 21 November 2022

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CMU Insights has today announced two sets of new webinars that will take place next month and in January. First up are the annual Music Business Trends webinars that provide an end-of-year overview of all the key developments in the business of music over the last twelve months. The second set will then explain the ongoing debates around the digital music business and how streaming income is shared out across the music community.

The webinars are all hosted by CMU’s Chris Cooke. Attendees can book places here, and then either tune in live or watch back on-demand following the live session, and everyone also gets access to the slides presented during the webinar.

The three Music Business Trends webinars will help music people navigate and understand all the key trends and developments from the last year.

The first session looks at the different music industry revenue streams, how they are performing, and to what extent COVID is still having an impact. The second session puts the spotlight on what has been happening in the world of music copyright, while the third is focused on digital music trends.

The webinars will be available live each Monday afternoon from 5-19 Dec at 2.30pm UK time – or attendees can watch again at any point during December and into the new year.

The three webinars under the banner Digital Dollar Debates will help anyone working in music to fully understand the ongoing discussions around how streaming works and how digital income is shared.

These debates have been particularly newsworthy in the UK over the last two years, of course, because of Parliament’s economics of streaming inquiry. But similar discussions are being had all over the world, with various changes to the way streaming operates being proposed and, in some cases, already implemented.

These webinars will be available live each Monday afternoon from 16-30 Jan at 2.30pm UK time – or attendees can tune in at anytime once the live edition has gone out.

Talking about the webinars, Cooke says: “In an industry that continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it can be hard for anyone working in music to keep all with all the happenings, announcements, launches, changes and debates. Here at CMU we monitor it all and then identify the really important stuff. With the Music Business Trends webinars, you’ll end 2022 and start 2023 fully up to speed on all the very latest developments”.

“In the new year we will put the spotlight on the digital dollar debates”, he adds. “As I said in Parliament last week, the economics of streaming debate that the culture select committee led on in 2021 is actually a number of different but connected debates. To truly understand what’s going on – and what issues have been raised and why – it’s important to separate out those different debates”.

“That’s what we’ll do with these webinars”, he confirms. “And we’ll explain all the arguments from every viewpoint, allowing attendees to then form their own opinions on the economics of streaming, but in a super informed way”.

You will find more information about the webinars and can book places here.

CMU can also run these and other webinars bespoke for music companies, allowing employees to come together to learn and debate together. More information about CMU’s team training is available here.