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New Editor In Chief and Global Head of Content at Vice

By | Published on Friday 13 February 2015


Vice magazine has a new Editor In Chief in the form of Ellis Jones, who joined the youth media firm as an intern in 2009, rising through the ranks to become Managing Editor in 2012. Meanwhile Alex Miller, previously Vice’s UK Editor In Chief, becomes Global Head Of Content, which means responsibility for the firm’s website and various YouTube channels. And now you want quotes, don’t you? So demanding. Oh well, here goes.

Jones: “As Vice Media has matured, so has the magazine, and I’d like to capture the attention of readers who may have a preconceived notion of what a ‘Vice story’ is and surprise them by our candid stories. Under my leadership, the magazine will continue to do what it’s always done best – publish cutting-edge cultural coverage, sharp humour, and hard-hitting news investigations – and also increase its seriousness and ambition by enlisting the best writers, photographers, and artists in the industry and sending them across the globe”.

Miller: “Over my time here, Vice has grown dramatically, but our ambition remains thrillingly unhinged. I’m very proud of what I achieved with the UK team but I’m excited to move to the centre of the perpetual motion machine that is Vice”.