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New event to stage live recordings of popular podcasts

By | Published on Thursday 21 February 2019

Want to watch some of your favourite podcasts being recorded live? Of course you do. So good news, a team of radio industry veterans are launching a new series of events called Podcast Live, in which leading podcasters will record editions in front of an audience.

One of the organisers, Matt Deegan, explained to Radio Today: “We know the most successful podcasters want to do more for their audiences. Podcast Live will be an easy way for them to put on live shows up and down the country. As well as meeting their own fans, it will expose them to new audiences and provide creatives with an additional revenue stream”.

The first edition will take place in London on 7 Apr and feature various political podcasters. Future editions will take place elsewhere in the country and cover different topics. Though they will be mainly spoken word centric, not least because speech programmes dominate the podcast world, partly because of the licensing issues faced by musical podcasters.