New Kayne album might be called Yeezus

By | Published on Wednesday 22 May 2013

Kanye West

There was a rumour a while ago that Kanye West’s new album was to be called ‘I Am A God’. But who would dare be so bold?

Well, Kanye West would – for one thing the first single from the album is expected to bare that title. But, it seems, West has gone for a different name for the LP itself, the slightly less (or possibly more) arrogant ‘Yeezus’. Yes, a combination of his nickname Yeezy and God’s supposed son Jesus.

The title was revealed in an Instagram post by West’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian, in which she also confirmed, through the medium of hashtags, that 18 Jun is a significant date. Possibly the album’s release date. Possibly the date of Kanye West’s ascension to Heaven.