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New One Step Ahead report and webinar put the spotlight on the marketing power of data and networks

By | Published on Tuesday 16 February 2021


IMPALA and CMU Insights yesterday published the second report as part of the One Step Ahead programme, which is enabling independent music companies across Europe to navigate and identify trends, developments, challenges and opportunities in the digital music market.

The second report, ‘Marketing Power Through Data And Networks’, puts the spotlight on how music marketing – and the role of record labels as key marketeers in the music industry – has evolved over the last two decades.

It notes that labels remain crucial marketing partners for the artists they sign and work with, but considers how the way that labels deliver value has changed and is changing. Increasingly a label’s data and networks are key to adding value.

The report then looks at how labels can better utilise data across their rosters and marketing campaigns to better plan future marketing activity, and reach and target fans and potential fans on social media and other digital platforms. It also considers how, for all the talk of influencer marketing in recent years, labels actually have their own influencer networks that are now key marketing tools.

On Thursday, the latest IMPALA Digital Hour webinar will focus on the new report, presenting and then discussing its key findings, and how labels can better utilise and protect their data and networks. IMPALA members – including members of any IMPALA affiliated national trade organisations – can download the report and book into the webinar for free here.