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New online CMU Library provides one-stop hub of music industry resources

By | Published on Monday 18 June 2018

CMU has today launched a brand new online resource called the CMU Library, which brings together all the articles published across the CMU sites that provide background information on how the music industry works and summaries of current trends and best practice in the business of music.

Chris Cooke, Managing Director of CMU, explains: “While the CMU Daily is very much focused on timely developments in music and the music business – which is to say what happened yesterday – the various resources put out by our consultancy business CMU Insights and our education programme CMU:DIY have a much longer shelf-life, in that together they provide a good beginner’s guide to different aspects of the music industry”.

“Meanwhile, the CMU Trends articles our premium subscribers have access to dig much deeper into the inner workings of the music industry, providing lots of context and explanation, so that readers don’t just know what’s going on in the business, they understand it. Again, these articles have a much longer shelf-life, in that trends articles published two years ago may be explaining something about copyright law, or record contracts, of streaming business models, that are really relevant today”.

He concludes: “This is why we’ve launched the CMU Library, a new hub that makes it much easier to navigate all these materials, which may be sitting on the main CMU site, or on the CMU Insights or CMU:DIY websites. You can navigate all these materials by theme, and we’ll keep adding to each section as we publish more of these resources”.

The CMU Library is structured around a number of thematic sections, including the streaming business, music copyright, music piracy, live music and ticketing, music marketing and PR, music media and direct to fan. Each section includes background blog posts, notes that accompany CMU lectures and workshops, guides and slides that can be downloaded, and relevant CMU Trends articles.

There are also reports from relevant CMU Insights conference sessions from recent years, including the CMU conferences that take place at The Great Escape. And, with the CMU Library now open, reports from this year’s TGE conferences will resume this week.

You can check out the CMU Library here. To get full access to all the content, including the CMU Trends articles, go premium with CMU for just £5 a month.