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New pre-release content delivery platform launches tomorrow

By | Published on Tuesday 30 June 2015


The previously reported new service designed to provide a better way for music companies to share pre-release tracks with media and industry contacts launches tomorrow.

As previously reported, Byta has been founded by music plugger Marc Brown and, he says, hopes to help a music industry that currently relies on the “toxic combination of consumer services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer and private SoundCloud links, or niche and dated ‘promo platforms'” to get new content to key industry contacts.

Brown says: “WeTransfer and SoundCloud are beautiful products, but they simply aren’t built for those working in music. I can’t overstate how bad the problem is, absolute chaos. Everyone has a story to tell and they all feel a loss of control, both as senders and especially as receivers”.

Explaining why he thinks his product overcomes the issues users find with other service providers, Brown told CMU: “Byta takes the exchange of digital audio out of email, offering senders and receivers control over their experience. Senders control security and format options, eliminating the need for multiple services. And Byta offers a free account which recipients can use to listen, download and manage received audio instead of searching for links in emails”.

You can check out the new service at