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New service allows you to select your funeral music while you’re still alive

By | Published on Tuesday 7 May 2019


Last week we learned that hymns are becoming less popular at funerals, with pop songs now making up the entire top ten of tracks routinely played at such occasions. Now a new service has launched allowing you to make your own funeral playlist, to ensure your relatives don’t just stick on Ed Sheeran in the hope you’d be OK with that.

Last List allows you to create a ten track playlist of your favourite songs, then select up to five people who you trust (though not enough to just pick one) to log in to this service once you’re gone and get your up-to-that-point secret list of music you want playing out at your funeral. For this, you will pay just one shiny dollar.

“The concept is very simple”, says Michael Beneville, the company’s chief strategist. “Music is a powerful way to evoke memories and emotions, and everyone wants to be remembered. We turn music into a gift for loved ones”.

Of course, you could just set up a playlist on your streaming service of choice and share that with friends. Or just send the list to five friends in an email. Or maybe even just write it down on a piece of paper. But the beauty of this is that you get to spend a dollar on doing it. And you might as well try and get rid of all your money before you die, you know, to stop your pesky family from getting hold of it all.

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