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New Zealand Supreme Court to hear Dotcom’s warrants appeal

By | Published on Wednesday 7 May 2014

Kim Schmitz

Kim Dotcom has won the right to appeal a decision relating to the legality of the warrants gained by New Zealand police when they raided his home in January 2012.

As previously reported, in June 2012 the New Zealand High Court ruled that police had the wrong sort of warrant, making the raid illegal. That raid, of course, was part of an international operation led by American authorities to shut down the MegaUpload file-transfer service and arrest its key execs.

However, in February this year, the Court Of Appeal overturned that earlier ruling, saying that while the warrants had been “defective”, they were still valid. Though the court did uphold that digital evidence secured during the raid should not have been taken out of the country under New Zealand law – US prosecutors having taken copies back to the States.

Dotcom stated at the time that he would appeal the new warrant ruling, and now the Supreme Court has agreed to hear his case. A two day hearing is scheduled to begin on 11 Jun.