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Next set of music rights courses from CMU kicks off this week

By | Published on Monday 18 November 2013

CMU Insights

The latest CMU Insights programme continues this week with the first of two courses focused on music rights. The second course follows next week.

CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke, who heads up CMU Insights, says: “With all the shifts occurring in the music industry right now, it’s never been more important to understand the basics of copyright. The record industry is increasingly in the licensing business, rather than just selling records, and other parts of the sector are having to grapple with new challenges as they monetise or utilise intellectual property”.

He goes on: “Which all sounds rather off-putting, but it needn’t be. With our first music rights course we provide a user-friendly introduction to what copyright is, how it works, why we sometimes licence direct and sometimes collectively, and how collective licensing operates. And once you have cracked all that, our second course looks at trends in the music rights industry, and at how rights owners are protecting their rights”.

A few places are still available on both these courses. Click here for information on ‘Introducing Copyright & Licensing’ taking place this Wednesday, 20 Nov, at 2pm in Shoreditch. And click here for information on ‘Making Money From Music Rights’, which takes place a week later.