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Nicholas Jaar, Mat Zo, Patrick Wolf all composing film and TV scores

By | Published on Wednesday 18 June 2014

Nicolas Jaar

Sometimes it’s good to group things as one, and sometimes it isn’t. Luckily, this is one of the times that it’s good, so here goes: Nicolas Jaar (pictured), Mat Zo and Mr Patrick Wolf are all contriving three very different, very separate scores to three very different ‘visual undertakings’.

In short, Nico Jaar is to take on the soundtrack to forthcoming US adaptation of French zombie series ‘Les Revenants’ (aka ‘The Returned’); Mat Zo has written a track to accompany ‘Robot Overlords’, a new British sci-fi film starring Ben Kingsley; and Pat Wolf is providing the music for a new Noel Coward biopic.

In not so short, Darkside artist Jaar, already a specialist in ‘the cinematic’, has been commissioned to compose backing tracks to an English-speaking version of ‘Les Revenants’, thereby following Mogwai’s lead, since they created the CMU approved score to the original French series. ‘The Returned’, which is still in its nascent stages, will air first in America via the A&E network.

A lot farther along with his score-composing job, Mat Zo, real name Matan Zohar, has already signed off on a new track titled ‘Robots Never Lie’ that’s set to feature over the ending credits to ‘Robot Overlords’.

Whilst it’s still to preview online, he has said this of his starting point in writing it: “There was a great bit of speech [from the movie] with ‘your heart is beating at 174 times per minute’, so I knew it had to be 174 BPM drum n bass. It turned out to be one of the hardest projects I’ve ever done, but I’m really proud of it”. ‘Robot Overlords’, which also stars Gillian Anderson, will hit cinemas early next year.

Finally, Patrick Wolf is all poised to write his first movie score, to a forthcoming film on the early years of Noel Coward. Carrying the working (and highly imaginative) title ‘Noel’ and directed by rising British filmmaker Joe Stephenson, the biopic is meant to start shooting later this year.

Pat says: “I am so thrilled for my first film soundtrack composition to be about Noel Coward’s early life, we both grew up in the same parts of south west London and began our journeys onto the stage and into writing at the same precocious age. The script, director, Noel Coward Estate and the cast attached combined are already in perfect synergy to make this something magical, its an honour to be the next piece of such a legendary puzzle”.