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Nickelback man abandons DUI appeal

By | Published on Tuesday 10 February 2009

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has abandoned his appeal against a previously reported drink-driving conviction brought against him in relation to an incident that took place in British Columbia back in June 2006.

The singer was on that occasion found to have nearly double the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream when stopped by police after being seen driving his Lamborghini at 160kmph.

Kroeger, real name Chad Robert Turton, appealed the conviction, which saw him fined $600 and banned from driving for a year, claiming that the arresting officer had violated his rights by forcing the singer to blow in his face after smelling alcohol on his breath. The law has changed since the appeal was launched, however, forcing Kroeger to withdraw it.

Lawyer, Marvin Stern explained: “Just like anybody else his rights are protected by the charter and at the time of the trial we felt that his rights had been violated. The state of the law has now changed and we respect the current state of the law and are bound by it and in [current] law there’s no ground of appeal left”.