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Night Time Industries Association uses parliament debate for another #Letusdance push

By | Published on Monday 9 November 2020

Night Time Industries Association

With a petition that called for more support for the electronic music and clubbing sectors during the COVID shutdown set to be debated in Parliament later today, the Night Time Industries Association is encouraging fans and those who work in those sectors to take to social media to put further pressure on government in general and Prime Minister Boris Johnson in particular.

The petition subject to a Westminster Hall debate later today called on government to ensure that clubs and dance music events and festivals were properly supported during the COVID shutdown.

In response, the government has stressed that ministers and Arts Council England have sought to ensure that the £1.57 billion in sector-specific support given to the cultural and heritage industries was available to all aspects of culture, and not just those that traditionally benefit from state funding. And it is true that some dance music venues and events have benefited, while recent extensions to general COVID support schemes in the UK have also been welcomed by the night-time sector.

That said, the NTIA continues to stress that venues, clubs and other night-time businesses have been particularly hard hit by the COVID shutdown, and will likely still be majorly impacted even once the current full-on lockdown in England comes to an end.

NTIA boss Michael Kill says: “Our sector has been marginalised and continues to fight for survival. Recent announcements have given some light, but we have lost so many businesses, employees and self-employed already, we are still in a very vulnerable state. Electronic music is a huge part of the night-time economy and events sector, and is a vital part of the UK’s cultural tapestry, but needs to be recognised and valued alongside classic arts and live music. We are renowned globally for our electronic music scene”.

“Our sector supports such a huge ecosystem of creative and talented people who are risk of losing their livelihoods and their jobs, with the future hanging in the balance as venues are unable to re-open”, he goes on. “And not forgetting the human element with growing pressures within the sector which are starting to impact on the general wellbeing of individuals and their ability to cope, which is why it is so important to have an exit strategy and roadmap to re-opening”.

NTIA and the Association For Electronic Music plan to use today’s parliamentary debate to further push their existing #Letusdance campaign that has been calling for more government support.

They say: “We need you to let the government know what you stand to lose culturally or economically from the ongoing shutdown of nightlife and events. The government needs to hear our stories. Whether you have been directly affected, or this has affected your friends/family, favourite venues or events, it’s time to speak up!”

Information on how to join this social media campaign today is available here.