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Nine Inch Nails fill EP packaging with black powder

By | Published on Thursday 2 March 2017

Nine Inch Nails

When Nine Inch Nails put their new EP ‘Not The Actual Events’ up for sale last year, fans were offered the opportunity to buy it in digital form with a “physical component”. What does that mean? It means you need a wash.

A notice on the outer packaging of the physical component, which was shipped this week, provides a number of warnings. “Caution should be exercised” with both the audio recordings and the physical packaging, it notes. And in red: “This will make a mess”. It then absolves NIN of any responsibility if anyone’s day is ruined by opening the envelope.

Sometimes mystery is fun, so the wise person might just put the whole thing on a shelf and leave it be. Everyone else discovered that they’d just paid $12 for a pack of postcards laced with a black powder that will indeed make a mess of anything it comes into contact with.

Oh Trent, you joker.