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Ninja Tune opens new US office

By | Published on Wednesday 29 May 2013

Ninja Tune

Ninja Tune has opened a new North America office in Echo Park, LA, sharing space with affiliated label Brainfeeder, the US publishing company it co-owns Third Side, and artist management agency Really Happening, which looks after Flying Lotus and Cinematic Orchestra, amongst others.

The UK label’s expansion of its US operations will also see Ninja Tune hiring new staff for sync, live events and marketing, managed by Jamie Collinson, who formerly led Ninja Tune imprint Big Dada, and who has now been promoted to the role of Head Artist Campaign Director for the wider label, with the LA team also reporting into him.

Collinson told CMU: “With LA’s proximity to the tech and sync worlds that are becoming so important to record labels, this felt like very much the place for us. As artists such as Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Cinematic Orchestra and Machinedrum grow, they’re making serious headway in the huge, challenging territory that is North America, and the label is putting together ambitious, large scale creative record campaigns to help enable that. Several new Ninja Tune staff have been employed to work on the ground in the Los Angeles office, working closely with and under the guidance of myself in London”.