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Nirvana debut drummer left out of Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame

By | Published on Wednesday 19 March 2014

Nirvana with Chad Channing

Former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing, who played on debut album ‘Bleach’, will not be inducted with the rest of the band next month. Actually, late-in-the-day guitarist Pat Smear won’t be inducted either, but at least he’ll probably get in as a member of the Foo Fighters one day.

Although Nirvana have become eligible for induction because their debut single ‘Love Buzz’, on which Channing played, has now turned 25 years old, the Hall Of Fame often only recognises any band’s most famous line-up.

With that in mind, it would have been fairly easy to work out that Channing wasn’t getting in. But in an interview with he revealed that, after being encouraged by Krist Novoselic and the band’s management to come along to the induction event, he only found out that he’ll be a guest and no more via a text message sent to Nirvana’s manager Michael Meisel, which said: “Can you tell whoever looks after Chad Channing that he isn’t being inducted… It is just Dave, Krist and Kurt”.

It seems that “whoever looks after Chad Channing” is Chad Channing, as the text was just forwarded straight over to him. The drummer has said that he will still attend the induction ceremony in New York on 10 Apr though. So that’s nice.