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NME allies with Thatchers on new talent competition

By | Published on Monday 26 June 2017


With the NME interviewing its former cover star Jeremy Corbyn this weekend after his headline set at the Glastonbury Festival, it’s good to see the music mag seeking some political balance by getting into bed with the Thatchers.

Except that’s Thatchers Haze the cider brand, not the former Tory PM’s extended family. So that’s not really going to help, is it? Unless they can persuade all their young readers to get so pissed on cider next election day that they all forget to vote for Jezza. That’ll do it.

NME is joining up with the cider firm for a new programme seeking to support some of that new talent all you lefties like so much. New acts are invited to submit their work to NME with a guarantee of feedback, while they will also go forward to a competition, the winner of which will get £10,000 of studio time and a four-track EP release. The new programme flows on from the cider-maker’s existing Haze Sessions initiative.

Says Keith Walker, Digital Director of Music at NME publisher Time Inc UK: “NME has been at the forefront of the music scene for more than six decades, with events, print and digital franchises dedicated to supporting breaking talent. Our global audience of music fans are always on the lookout for the best new talent to put on their headphones and with unsigned artists striving to grow their fanbase, this is a great platform for them to get heard by the millions that turn to NME each month”.

Meanwhile Thatchers’ MD Martin Thatcher added: “This is an amazing opportunity to work with NME to promote up-and-coming talent in the music industry, and offer new artists the chance to get their music out to a wider audience. Through the Haze Sessions, our own Bristol music showcase, we’ve met some really exciting and talented artists. The Thatchers Haze x NME Emerging Artists Project takes the association between Thatchers Haze and great music to another level”.

Of course, with all the cool pop bands now supporting Corbyn these days, to truly break new ground the next big musical thing is going to have to ally themselves with the person leading the Conservative Party. Just as soon as we work out who that is.