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NME announces new Digital Editor

By | Published on Thursday 19 November 2015


Popular branded content platform NME has got itself a brand new Digital Editor in the form of Charlotte Gunn. She moves to the title from her role as Audience Development Manager for its publisher Time Inc UK’s “lifestyle brands”, where she has been “specialising in search, social and CRM growth strategies”.

And I’m sure you, like me, can’t wait to see what impact this new hire will have on NME’s all-important CRM growth strategy. For old-timers like myself, I always hark back to the 1990s, when I think NME’s CRM growth strategy was at its all-time peak. But now that the print extension of this leading consumer engagement tool has enabled free D2C distribution mechanics and fulfilment, we might just be set for something even bigger and better than anything and everything that went before.

Which is presumably why Editor In Chief Mike Williams is so delighted. “I’m delighted to announce Charlotte Gunn as the new Digital Editor of NME”, he said. “Charlotte’s track record is very impressive, having driven massive growth and masterminded key new product launches in her previous roles. Coupled with her deep understanding of the NME brand – both its rich history and exciting future – her credentials become all the more impressive. This is an absolutely key appointment for NME and reinforces our commitment to the digital-first strategy that we outlined in July. I can’t wait to start working with her”.

Gunn replaces Greg Cochrane, who departed as NME’s digital dude just before the print mag went free in September. It goes without saying, surely, that she is thrilled about her new job. “I’m thrilled to be joining NME at such a momentous time in its legendary history”, she said. “This is the brand that got me into music, so to now be tasked with helping Mike and the team drive its digital growth is an absolute honour. We’ve got aspirations to be the biggest and best multi-channel millennial brand in the world, and I’m excited about being part of the team that gets us there”.

Elsewhere in Time Inc UK news, since you insisted on bringing the publishing firm up, the media business is planning on relocating 30 of its titles and 300 of its staff to a new HQ outside of Central London in a cost saving move. Though the relocating titles will unlikely include NME, or the other entertainment magazines owned by the group, because when you’re busy upgrading your CRM growth strategy you don’t want to be stuck out in the provinces where people still talk about “magazines”.

UPDATE 25 Nov 2015, 06.00: Time Inc UK has confirmed to us that it is specialist titles like Golf Monthly and Cycling Weekly that are relocating to a new base in Farnborough next February. Other titles, including entertainment mags like NME, remain in central London.