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NME gets ‘BoJacked’ in Netflix tie up

By | Published on Friday 16 October 2015


The cover of this week’s freebie NME has been “BoJacked” via the music title’s “first native cover wrap”, while “a digital overlay on will create the impression of the site being hijacked by BoJack Horseman with GIFs leading to exclusive content”. And if you have no idea whatsoever what any of that means, I think we can be friends.

Basically Netflix has bought a load of advertising in this week’s NME – which includes a wrap-around cover on the print edition and some online flim flam – but the tie-up infiltrates editorial too, with the advertising cover being a cartoon reimagining of the Foals-featuring editorial cover. Plus there is content in the mag and online linked to season two of Netflix show ‘BoJack Horseman’. And in case you wondered, no, journalistic ‘Chinese walls’ have no place at all in this modern BoJacked world.

Says Romano Sidoli, Group Advertising Director of NME: “We are experts at embedding commercial partners into the NME brand, creating ingenious content that fits with our partners’ ethos and resonates with our audience. Our first-ever cover wrap sees us take an existing solution and bring something new to it. Print is important, but this campaign demonstrates how NME can creatively translate solutions across all platforms”.

Of course, all of this means that people picking up copies of NME this morning won’t immediately be able to see that Foals are on the actual cover. Though perhaps that’s a good plan. The return of a ‘traditional’ NME band to the front of the mag might have caused some sort of panicked stampede among its new commuter readership.