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NME launches best small venue search

By | Published on Thursday 22 March 2012


I thought we had this all sorted out last year when the NME announced that King Tut’s in Glasgow was the UK’s best small venue.

Apparently not. Apparently we’re going to have to do it all over again this year. And this time someone called JD Roots is helping out. Oh, it says here JD Roots is actually a music campaign put together by Jack Daniel’s. Still, more hands make work easier, or whatever it is they say.

NME editor Krissi Murison told CMU: “Obviously selling out huge venues is a sign of a massively successful band – and rightly so! But most successful artists wouldn’t have got where they are today without playing smaller venues at the start of their careers. They play an extremely important role in nurturing talent, which NME is very proud to support. It’s in all of the UK music industry’s interest for small venues to prosper”.

And for all the flippancy of that there first paragraph, we do actually agree. The shortlist of regional venues from which the overall winner will be chosen will be put together by a panel of experts, including artists, promoters and agents.