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NME partners with Bose on C23 mixtape championing new talent

By | Published on Wednesday 8 February 2023


NME has announced a partnership with Bose that will see the creation of a new programme to champion emerging music talent.

That programme will be called C23, referencing the NME’s somewhat influential C86 compilation all the way back in, well, 1986, which showcased a stack of artists signed to independent labels at the time. It was called C86, of course, because the compilation was on cassette and it featured music from 1986.

The C23 project, celebrating new music from 2023, will also involve the release of a mixtape on cassette. But normal people will listen to all the featured tracks on their streaming service of choice. Or on vinyl. There’ll be a limited edition C23 vinyl release as well if that’s of interest to you.

“The C23 mixtape is a definitive showcase of the future of music”, says NME, “featuring fifteen exclusive tracks by fifteen of the most exciting emerging artists from around the world. This essential compilation is set to introduce a new generation of music fans to an inspirational collection of artists, celebrating Bose and NME’s joint commitment to the discovery of incredible new music”. Lovely stuff.

There’ll be a special showcase at South By Southwest too, did I mention that? I think that’s where the cassette versions of the C23 mixtape will be distributed. So if you want the full retro experience with all this, you’ll have to go to Austin.

Adds Holly Bishop, COO at NME Networks: “The C86 mixtape was a seminal moment in the history of NME, so we are THRILLED to partner with Bose to bring back the iconic C-series in the shape of C23. Both NME and Bose are committed to new music discovery, with C23 shining a bright light on some of the most exciting emerging artists on earth. We can’t wait for the world to hear it”.

Meanwhile, Bose CMO Jim Mollica says: “Great music is a powerful force – it evokes memories, serves as an outlet of self-expression, and brings people together. Our goal is to be a brand that champions both emerging musicians and music lovers that enjoy the thrill of discovering new music – and the C23 compilation is the perfect way to connect those communities and their shared passion”.

The C23 mixtape will be available in its various formats from 15 Mar.