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NMPA confirms deal with mix distributor Dubset

By | Published on Monday 23 May 2016

National Music Publishers Association

The National Music Publishers’ Association in the US last week announced a deal with the company behind Dubset, the service that wants to distribute unofficial mixes to streaming services.

As previously reported, Dubset has a technology which tries to work out what songs and recordings are contained within any one mix, and it is now trying to sort out licences with rights owners whose works it may identify.

The aim being to enable services like Spotify and Apple Music to carry unofficial mixes, like those more traditionally found on SoundCloud and Mixcloud, but with everyone earning royalties, including the remixer. The company announced an alliance with Apple Music back in March.

The deal with the NMPA provides a template for US independent publishers and songwriters who are interested in collaborating with the new venture, setting out how they would be paid if their songs are ever included in a Dubset-distributed mix.

The NMPA’s General Counsel Danielle Aguirre said of the deal last week: “We are excited to see that Dubset has made great advances in identifying and licensing compositions contained within mix content. It is a massive category that can now be unlocked and offered by the world’s largest music services and I’m THRILLED that our publishers and songwriters will be the beneficiaries of a new and important royalty stream”.

Speaking for Dubset, Bob Barbiere added: “The amount of new mix content distributed daily is estimated to be fifteen times as large as that of traditional music. Due to complexities associated with identification, and cross-clearance of copyright protected works used within mixes, music services were not able to offer it to consumers. Dubset’s technology solves that problem and enables us to clear and deliver this enormous high-demand category of content to music services globally generating new royalties to publishers and other rights holders”.