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No Cheryl collab for Example, thank you very much

By | Published on Monday 27 June 2011


British rap man Example isn’t looking for any pop types to collaborate with, thank you very much. And by that, I think he means he doesn’t want to work with Cheryl Cole.

Not that that was really an option anyway, but he told Bang Showbiz (who possibly raised the issue to start with): “I’m not really big on duets. I work with cool people. Cheryl Cole, well… I make cool dance music. I don’t make cheesy pop stuff. There are some people who I wouldn’t work with, not because I’ve got anything against them but because they’re not right”.

If you believe the tabs, Cole is currently taking time off from both her pop and telly careers following her eviction from ‘X-Factor USA’ to concentrate on getting back together with her cheating bastard of an ex-husband Ashley Cole. Well, I suppose in the era of the super injunction, at least she won’t find out the next time he cheats on her. Good times.