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No flying fucks from Rita Ora, whatever A$AP Rocky raps

By | Published on Thursday 13 August 2015

Rita Ora

If you’ve been going around your local district telling everyone you know how that Rita Ora clearly gives a flying fuck about her not entirely flattering namecheck in recent A$AP Rocky track ‘Better Things’, then you’re going to look very foolish indeed around about now.

“I don’t give a flying fuck”, says Rita. See. You’re a silly old fool for even thinking that flying fucks were something Rita Ora gave out about badly constructed A$AP Rocky raps. And our insiders have exclusively revealed that she doesn’t give any stationary fucks either. So don’t think you’ll get round this one by claiming it was only the flight of the fuck that you got wrong.

I should probably backtrack a moment for the uninitiated. The offending line in A$AP Rocky’s ‘Better Things’ runs as follows: “I swear that bitch Rita Ora got a big mouth; Next time I see her might curse the bitch out; Kicked the bitch out once cause she bitched out; Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the bitch bounce”.

So you can see why Ora might, in fact, have given some sort of flying fuck. I mean, for starters ‘mouth’, ‘out’ and ‘bounce’ don’t rhyme. But speaking to Hot 97 about the A$AP Rocky diss, Ora said: “I’m not looking at it like ‘you’re upsetting me’ because I don’t actually give a shit. I don’t care what you say about me. I don’t give a flying fuck”.

She does concede that the rap possibly sets another bad precedent, that is to say ” I don’t want people to think it’s okay to speak about women like that”. But, she adds, “That’s just how it is, but you know you got to keep it moving. I’m very happy with what I do, and I’m proud of who I am, and what I represent”.

So well said Ora. Meanwhile, I’m off to tell everyone in my local district how A$AP Rocky definitely gives a flying fuck about Rita Ora not giving a flying fuck.