And Finally

No one drank Fat Mike’s piss

By | Published on Friday 4 June 2010

Many of those who watched NOFX’s performance at this year’s SxSW left the show thinking that they’d downed a shot of frontman Fat Mike’s urine during the show. Which isn’t the sort of feeling you’d generally hope for as you leave a venue. But it’s alright, it turns out it was just tequila.

Maybe I should explain this a bit more. During the punk band’s SxSW gig, Fat Mike handed out tequila shots to members of the audience, but then at the end of the show played a video which showed him pissing into the bottle before walking on stage. However, he’s now decided that three months is long enough for anyone to think that they drank someone’s urine and revealed that, when his stage entrance is viewed from another angle, you can see him swap the bottle he relieved himself into for an untainted one.

Watch how it happened here: