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Non-stop Christmas carols radio station launches

By | Published on Friday 28 November 2014

Christmas Carols Radio

Following the news that veteran radio DJ Robin Banks is in conflict with his current employer, Jack FM in Reading, over his refusal to play any Christmas songs whatsoever on his breakfast show until at least 23 Dec (he could face disciplinary action apparently, though this “conflict” has the smell of publicity stunt about it), a former producer at Capital and Heart is launching a radio station that will only play festive music.

But don’t be expecting any Pogues or Slade or Jona Lewie on this new radio channel, because Christmas Carols Radio will be playing only proper Christmas carols. You know, songs with Jesus and kings and mangers and lots of “Hallelujahs”. 24 hours a day.

According to Radio Today, former Global Radio man Ben Vane, who is now training to become an Anglican vicar, says of his new radio venture: “We play nothing but Christmas carols – no novelty Christmas music, just choirs singing traditional carols. As far as we know we’re the only internet radio station in the world playing nothing but Christmas carols. And we’re proud of it!”

In amongst all the carols there will be some reflections on the Christmas story penned by Vane himself, possibly discussing how pretty much everything you think you know about the nativity isn’t actually mentioned in the bible.

But hey, stop your cynical meanderings there Mr Grinch, we’ll have no Robin Banks-esque Scrooginess here. Non-stop carols on the radio, what more could you want? 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. Erm, twelve months a year?!?!?!

Vane: “We know you’re most likely to listen in December, but we’ve decided to broadcast Christmas Carols Radio all year round to make sure we’re listed in the places you’ll be looking for us”. Hallelujah indeed.

Wonder if they’ll play anything from the Neighbours Christmas album circa 1989.