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Now that’s what I call a party

By | Published on Friday 8 April 2011

Now That's What I Call Music

About 500 Now That’s What I Call Music themed house parties will take place this weekend to promote the launch of, a new download service built around the Now! brand that will enable people to create their own compilations.

The parties have been organised by a company called Come Round, who sign up punters to host house parties, and then provide them with a kit to help, in this case including a pre-release copy of Now! 78, balloons, vouchers and, for some reason, Max Factor nail varnish. Well, you can always sniff it I suppose, that would get the party going. Come Round have previously staged such house parties to promote other album releases as well as some consumer brands.

Says Come Round founder Giles Harris: “Word-of-mouth and person-to-person marketing is the most effective there is. Come Round combines the immediacy and excitement of a real live event with the huge reach of social networking to create a great platform both for entertainment properties and for brands. We are delighted to welcome Now! on board”.