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O2 Arena remains world’s most successful

By | Published on Wednesday 26 June 2013

The O2

The O2 Arena in London has retained its position as the most successful arena in the world, reporting that it brought in £63 million in revenue last year, its highest ever income. This came from over two million ticket sales.

The AEG-owned venue was helped to this glory by shows by The Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams. Only helped, mind. As its Finance Director Sarah Brooks pointed out: “The increase in revenue in the year is mainly due to the Olympic and Paralympic rental”.

The London venue has been far ahead of its nearest competitors for a number of years now, which means it’s likely to stay at the top of the arena tree this current year too. Though without that Olympics and Paralympics cash this summer, you can probably expect to see a few ‘The O2 revenues plummet’ headlines this time next year.

Unless AEG can find another event to plug the gap, of course. Maybe it could try to do a deal with a hugely famous popstar able to sell the venue out 50 nights running. On second thoughts, maybe we should just have another Olympics.