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Oasis to mark 25th anniversary of Knebworth shows with new documentary

By | Published on Wednesday 12 May 2021


A new documentary about Oasis’s 1996 Knebworth shows will be released in cinemas later this year to mark their 25th anniversary. Directed by Jake Scott – who also helmed the band’s ‘Morning Glory’ video – the film is being put together using archive footage shot at the time.

“It’s a story driven entirely by the music, a rock and roll experience, told in the moment, like a visual stream of consciousness that is built around the extensive archive footage from the event”, says Scott. “No on-camera interviews or unnecessary celebrity recollections”.

Right, so, I don’t know if Scott would be happy with any of this, but the next paragraph is full of recollection. Though I’m not a celebrity, so hopefully that’s fine.

The two shows at Knebworth in August 1996 saw Oasis perform to 125,000 fans each night – the largest outdoor concerts to ever be staged in the UK at the time. Although they only played two shows, two and a half million people applied for tickets. It represented the absolute peak of the band’s powers and, arguably, the beginning of their decline.

Noel and Liam Gallagher are both executive producers on the film. Although, before you get excited, I don’t think that hints at a public reunion any more than the fact that they will appear on stage together in the film.