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OfCom says radio sector showing “enduring strength” despite new competitors

By | Published on Monday 29 July 2013


A report by media regulator OfCom reckons that radio is showing “enduring strength” in an ever more competitive world where online audio and music services, and rolling news TV stations, increasingly compete for the medium’s audience.

According to two surveys, OfCom reports that radio still rates highly amongst the population, who see it as an “accessible” and “dependable” medium that delivers “timely information and stimulating content”.

BBC radio was particularly noted for being a strong source of news and information, especially on the corporation’s local stations, whereas commercial outlets were more commonly noted for their music provision. Presenters with local knowledge were seen as a positive thing by respondents across the board, even though some commercial networks are offering less of this.

Despite the positives, the report notes that radio faces a number of new competitors, in both the music and news provision domain. And, of course, the internet is only just reaching the car, kitchen and bathroom, where a lot of radio listening takes place, so that new competition is likely to get stronger in the coming years.

The new reports are online here.