Omnifone releases some usage stats

By | Published on Tuesday 26 February 2013


Digital music back engine Omnifone, which powers music services like Sony Music Unlimited and Blackberry’s BBM Music, has revealed some stats about usage across the platforms it powers, which, the company says, saw a collective increase of 300% in terms of subscriber base in 2012, though it’s not clear what that equates to in terms of overall user numbers.

Of those people using Omnifone services, 79% accessed music from “devices in the home” rather than portable gadgets; of the company’s smart-phone users 76% were using Android-enabled devices; peak usage time in Europe was 6-8pm, while in North America and Australasia its 2-4pm; and across all services in all countries, Christmas Day saw the highest number of streams in 2012. So there are some stats for you all to enjoy.

Commenting on the released data, Omnifone CEO Jeff Hughes reckons the much mooted shift of digital music services into the mainstream is nearly upon us, telling CMU: “The data we are releasing today is further evidence that streaming is the fastest growing area of digital music and ready for mass market adoption. Next generation connectivity such as 4G and the latest internet-enabled home technology will drive growth further. We are continually investing in our cloud-based music platform to enable our customers to take advantage of that opportunity on a global scale”.

He added: “Looking ahead we envisage further bundling of music with other services which will really bring streaming to the mainstream. Music discovery, re-discovery and innovative curation and recommendation, combining recommendation engines with human experts, will enhance the user experience and accelerate demand”.