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One Direction facing lawsuit in Ireland

By | Published on Wednesday 21 September 2016

One Direction

One Direction are being sued through the Irish courts, according to the Irish Independent, though it’s not entirely clear yet what for.

The case is being pursed by law firm Smyth & Son on behalf of a man called David Lewis, and as well as all five of the 1D boys (yep, Zayn too), songwriters Jamie Scott, John Ryan and Julian Bunetta are also named as defendants.

Given that those three guys have all contributed to a number of 1D tracks, including the 2013 hit ‘Story Of My Life’, on which all five members of the boy band also have songwriting credits, you have to think that it’s another one of those plagiarism lawsuits.

We’ll see I guess. Meanwhile, the 1D faithful are seemingly hopeful that all five members of the group will be obliged to testify, resulting in a One Direction reunion, of sorts, somewhat sooner than we expected.