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One Direction hiatus in the diary, apparently

By | Published on Monday 24 August 2015

One Direction

You know One Direction right? You know… they have that song that goes “na, na, na, naaaaah”. You know the one I mean? I love that song. So much, in fact, I refuse to name it. Because for me, it’s the pop music equivalent of ‘Macbeth’.

Then it goes “boobi-doobi-do”. I mean there’s actual words in the actual song. But those words have come to mean so much to me, that just typing them here on this page would kickstart an emotional breakdown that, frankly, none of us could contend with, not on a day like this. I think it was Harry who conceived the essence of this song. In fact I know it was. Because this song has got that very kind of essence. The Harry Styles kind of essence.

“Ya-ya-ya-ya-da”. That’s how it goes next. Which some would say is a little obvious. But going that obvious, really isn’t that obvious, is it? No, it isn’t. That’s what you’re forgetting. And I’d be feeling really rather embarrassed around about now if I was you. Because that “Ya-ya-ya-ya-da”, while obvious, is also inspired. I can hear Louis’ involvement there. It’s a typically inspiring Louis Tomlinson moment.

And then there’s the guitar bit. “Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya” it seems to go. I mean it doesn’t actually go “Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya”. It’s a guitar. It’s making guitar sounds. But those guitar sounds, boy, they’re real guitar sounds. Not pointless rock guitar sounds. Pop guitar sounds, like God intended. I’m pretty sure we have Niall to thank for this bit. And I do thank him for this bit. Every day of every week of every month. Even Wednesdays. And even in the third week of April. Thank you Niall Horan. “Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya”. Love it.

But then, wow, just when you’re least expecting it, there’s that slow down at the end. “Mnar, Mnar, Mnar, Mnar” it seems to go. And I’ll admit it. I didn’t see it coming. Not first time out. Totally took me by surprise. And I can remember how elated that made me feel. I reckon we have Liam to thank for the slowdown at the end. And therefore, also for the elation I felt the first time I heard it. Which is just like Liam Payne. He is the undeniable king of elation.

And the chorus. Oh, what a chorus. Round and round it goes. And then there’s the middle eight. Ah, the middle eight. I bet that was Zayn. Because I’ve listened to all the new 1D songs, and they’re magnificent, obviously, but I’ve not heard a middle eight like this one, not since Zayn left. And while things will never be quite the same now that Zayn Malik has left One Direction, I still get to enjoy that glorious middle eight. And for that I will always be thankful.

“So different” it goes, “so easy” it adds, “and now I’m caught…”. Oh hang on. I’m thinking of ‘Caught In The Middle’ by A1. Great song. Anyway, The Sun reckons One Direction are going on hiatus next March and won’t tour their fifth album.