One Direction return to the Capital FM airwaves

By | Published on Wednesday 23 May 2012

One Direction

So, what’s this, not only are The Wanted insisting they have no beef with One Direction and would happily collaborate with their rivals on a charity record, now Capital FM – the pop station run by Global, which, of course, also manages The Wanted – has ended its 1D boycott. Pop music without pathetic pettiness is no fun at all.

As previously reported, Capital FM, now seemingly run by seven year olds, instituted a ban on One Direction after the ‘X-Factor’ boyband’s floppy haired lothario Harry Styles mistakenly thanked Radio 1 rather than the BBC station’s big commercial rival when picking up the BRIT Award for Best Single earlier this year. It was a bit of a faux pas given Capital was sponsoring that particular category, though one might have assumed Global Radio bosses would have taken it on the chin, laughed it off, and given Styles’ subsequent “Capital is great too” statement top billing on the company’s website.

But no, a 1D guest appearance was cancelled, the pop band’s songs were barred from the Capital playlist and, according to reports, editors of the station’s website were told not to mention the One Direction boys any more. All rather petty, and, given some in the music and radio industries have already raised concerns about Global owning both a pop management company and one of the UK’s biggest pop radio stations, possibly unwise strategically too, given One Direction’s main rivals are the Global-owned The Wanted.

Anyway, just as we noted yesterday that the 1D ban was still seemingly in place at Capital, last night at 7.45pm the group’s hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ was played out by the station’s James Barr. So, the ban, it would seem, is over. Until Harry pops up later today to thank Zane Lowe for playing his group’s track last night. Go on Harry, I dare you.